Get Rewarded for Purchases You’re Already Making!


Get Rewarded for Purchases You’re Already Making!
With the MFCU VISA Rewards Credit Card


We know that how you spend your money is a reflection of who you are. From buying groceries and other essentials for your family, doing home improvement projects, or a dream vacation in the future, it’s important to have a credit card from a partner you can trust. Why not get rewarded for the purchases you are already making? 

While the MFCU Rewards you could be earning with an MFCU Visa Rewards credit card are as competitive as what you might find at a big bank, it’s from a cooperative you’re a part of right here in your community. Although some rewards card and programs can be confusing, we want to make it as easy as possible to earn and redeem your MFCU Rewards points.

How to Earn MFCU Rewards

MFCU Rewards are earned by making purchases with an MFCU Visa Platinum Rewards credit card. 1 MFCU Rewards point is earned per every $1 spent.

How to Redeem MFCU Rewards

MFCU Rewards can be redeemed using the MFCU Rewards portal ( You will need to set up an account with your MFCU Visa Platinum Rewards credit card. Visit the ‘Redeem Now’ Button, or select your preferred option from the drop down menu.

To redeem for gift cards:

  • Select Gift Card option
  • Select the vendor you would like a gift card from
  • Add to cart and ‘checkout’

To redeem for cash back:

  • Select Payout Options
  • Chose Direct Deposit
  • Select the amount you wish to receive as a form of direct deposit.
  • 2,500 points = $25

To redeem for travel:

  • Select the Travel option
  • Select which form of travel you would prefer
  • Search for flight, hotels, activities and more using the travel portal, similar to your favorite online booking site! 


$1 spent = 1 MFCU Reward


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Rewards Card
10/13/2021 10:03 AM Janette M. from Gladwin , MI
I dont know how to see if i have rewards with my credit card.
Reply From Members First Credit Union:

Hi Janette, all of the information about your Visa can be easily accessed through Online Banking.

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