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Skip a Loan Payment

Skip an eligible loan payment to have more money for what matters most!

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Take a break from your loan payment.

Skip a loan payment* for only $25. Skip your payment once every 12 months. Would skipping a loan payment make managing your expenses a little bit easier? That’s why we offer our Skip-a-Pay program.


Free up extra cash when you need it.


Auto, RV, and Personal Loans are eligible.


Skip one payment every 12 months on eligible loans.


Request a Skip-A-Pay

Skip-A-Pay applications and $25 fee per loan must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the due date of the loan payment you want to skip. To request a Skip-A-Pay, stop by your local branch or call 855.835.6328.

How it works

If you choose to skip a loan payment, your current due date will be advanced one month forward. Interest will continue to accrue on your loan during the skipped payment period and your loan maturity date will be advanced one month forward. All terms and conditions will remain the same and you'll resume your next regular payment. It’s that easy!

*All loans must be current to qualify for a Skip-A-Pay. A Skip-A-Pay will not be granted if you have caused the credit union a loss, have any charged off loans that were not redeemed, or have a current Trouble Debt Restructure or Loan Modification. Real Estate Secured loans, Overdraft Lines of Credit, Balloon Loans, Whatever Loans, Business loans and VISAs are not eligible for Skip-A-Pay. Skip-A-Pay may be used once every 12 months. Skipped payment will be added to the end of your loan and the date of the final payment will be adjusted to account for the skipped payment. Interest will accrue on the balance of the loan during the skipped payment, and may cause an increased final payment. Other restrictions may apply. Members First Credit Union reserves the right to decline any Skip-A-Pay requests.


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