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Youth Accounts

Fuel their financial journey for a savings journey that is out of this world!

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Youth accounts built to launch savings.

We believe that starting early is the key to a successful financial future. Our youth accounts for members under age 18 provide a safe and secure place to grow your money.


Rewards for saving money


Financial education to learn the importance of saving.

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Open a certificate of deposit with a minimum balance of $100.


Kids Club

Our Kids Club account is for those under ten and can be opened with a $5.00 deposit.

Student Club

Our Student Club is for those ages 10-17 and can be opened with a $5.00 deposit.

Student Club members are also eligible for:

  • Youth Checking.  Great for depositing allowance, birthday money, and paychecks, our youth checking account is available for members 13+ and includes an instant issue debit card.
  • Youth Scholarships. We award $10,000 in scholarships each year for members looking to further their education. 
  • Youth Loan. Youth Loans are available in amounts up to $500 and can help your financial situation while building good financial habits! Must be at least 13 years old with signed parental consent and proof of income (babysitting, allowance, part-time job, etc.).

Open a Youth Account

  • Stop into a branch with your parent

  • Bring a $5 initial deposit

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