Why Good Credit Is So Important

Why Good Credit Is So Important

Posted 8.1.22

A good credit score is a big factor for determining whether or not you are approved for a loan as well as how much the loan amount can be and what your interest rate is.

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Financial Education Bill Passed in Michigan!

Financial Education Bill Passed in Michigan!

Posted 7.25.22

On Thursday, June 16th, Governor Whitmer signed a bipartisan bill into law that requires all high schools in the state of Michigan to adopt a financial literacy course as a requirement for graduation.

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Person browsing apps on their cell phone

Protect Your Privacy While Using Apps

Posted 5.11.22

It’s easy to install an app on your phone without even thinking twice about it, but there are a few security factors you should consider before downloading any app.

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Older couple hugging while looking out onto the ocean

Debunking the Myths of Estate Planning

Posted 4.6.22

It’s difficult to know all the ins and outs of estate planning. Having accurate information and the right resources to guide you are key.

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Young girl coloring a coloring book

April is Youth Month!

Posted 4.1.22

April is National Credit Union Youth Month! This month serves to encourage kids to develop healthy saving habits by making savings fun and exciting.

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Professional looking woman shaking hands with people

Breaking Barriers: Women's History Month and Credit Unions

Posted 3.29.22

March is Women’s History Month! Women not only have a significant impact on Members First Credit Union specifically, they play a large role in the history of all credit unions.

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Person paying for gas at the pump with a credit card

12 Tips for Saving Money on Gas

Posted 3.21.22

You have places to be, and your life doesn’t stop just because gas prices are rising. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help reduce the amount you’re spending at the pump so you can keep moving forward.

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Woman's hand holding up a gift bag that says

Showing Your Love… On a Budget

Posted 2.2.22

Some of the most special gifts can be inexpensive or even free. Here are some ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day that will keep your partner, and your wallet happy!

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Sticky note on tax forms that says

Beat the Tax Deadline, File Today!

Posted 1.10.22

Tax Solutions and Savings for Members! Don’t put off filing your taxes! Members First Credit Union, TurboTax, and H&R Block can help you meet the deadline and get your refund.

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Man sitting at his laptop, making a list in a notebook

7 Simple Financial Resolutions for 2022

Posted 1.7.22

The new year is here! The beginning of a new year is a great time to think back on the past year, and look forward to what you want out of 2022.

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