Person browsing apps on their cell phone

Protect Your Privacy While Using Apps

Posted 5.11.22

It’s easy to install an app on your phone without even thinking twice about it, but there are a few security factors you should consider before downloading any app.

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Person handing over cash to another person

Am I a Money Mule?

Posted 11.24.21

Are you receiving funds along with instructions on how to use the funds or where to transfer them next? If so, you may be a money mule.

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Person looking at their bank statement on their iPad

Making the Switch to Paperless Banking

Posted 10.12.21

If you are still receiving your bank statements in the mail, it might be time to start thinking about going paperless. Not only will this lessen the clutter in your mailbox, but electronic statements come with a variety of other benefits.

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Lottery Scams

Lottery Scams

Posted 6.15.21

We would all love to win a large cash prize; unfortunately, scammers can take advantage of that excitement. Scammers will often make contact claiming you have won a grand prize, but say to get the prize you need to pay a processing fee.

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Person surfing the internet on their laptop

Online Loan Scams

Posted 5.20.21

When searching for a loan online you may see the common phrases above. Those all seem very appealing when in need of financial assistance, and that is exactly why the scammers market them.

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Scam via postcard in the mail

Mortgage Postcard Scam

Posted 5.11.21

Please be aware that the pictured postcard is not from Members First Credit Union. We take pride in keeping your information private and we would not send anything with an account number via postcard. 

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Fraud Scams

Posted 11.18.19

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Debit Card Fraud

Posted 7.26.18

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