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Trust Services

Credit Union Trust offers a variety of products and services designed to create, protect and preserve wealth for individuals and their families.

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Credit Union Trust

Trust is a very powerful thing.

Working with a professional resource to help plan and protect your financial legacy may be the most valuable decision you make. In the past, however, it could be difficult to find a knowledgeable source that was accessible, reasonable, and personal. That’s why Members First helped form Credit Union Trust.

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Our Trust and Estate Services: Your Legacy

Credit Union Trust offers trust products and services designed to create, protect, and preserve wealth for individuals and families, as well as foundations, not-for-profits, and other community-based entities. Your personal trust officer is available to provide information and assistance on a variety of financial and estate planning matters. Whether your financial needs are simple or complex, our professional team has the resources and experience to manage your finances and family relationships successfully.

CU Trust’s products and services help individuals, families, and communities grow, protect, and preserve what matters most. We help safeguard assets and ensure that they are distributed according to your wishes. We are also there when life leads to the need for a change in your plan.

Our professional services are especially valuable for those with:

Complex family relationships

Loved ones with special needs

Family businesses

Significant charitable interests

Concerns about incapacity

Need for a better plan

Valuable Support

The professional CU Trust team covers a wide range of needs, including:


Trust Services & Support

  Revocable Trusts

  Irrevocable Trusts

  Special Needs Trusts

  Individual Retirement Accounts

  Charitable Trusts

Fiduciary Services

  Estate Administration

  Personal Representation

  Agent for Individual

  Co-Trustee Services

  Veteran’s Accounts


Investment Services

  Investment Management

  Custodial Services

  Special Asset Management

  Coordination with Existing Investment Programs

  Business Succession

For more information to discuss your needs or schedule an appointment, contact us or call tel:877.730.6109.

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Gaining knowledge about wills, trusts, and estate planning can assist you in making informed decisions and provide peace of mind.

Personal Estate Planning Checklist     Estate Planning Myths & Misconceptions

Referrals are forwarded to Credit Union Trust, which is an organization that specializes in Trust services. Not guaranteed by the NCUA or Members First Credit Union. May involve risk, including the possible loss of principal.

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