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Authored By: Kat Wille on 3/16/2021


Our Online and Mobile Banking app is freshening up a bit! We have listened to your feedback and have made upgrades to create a more user-friendly experience. Here are a few things to note:

  • The menu is now on the left side (don't worry - the menu options aren't changing)
  • There is a new feature allowing you to edit recurring transactions within your account
  • Multi-factor authentication for your device may need to be reset after the update

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us by calling 855.835.6328, stopping by a branch, or utilizing the Live Chat feature within Online and Mobile Banking

Update - 4/28/21

We have added exciting new features to Online and Mobile Banking. These new features give you many new options and ways to take advantage of your online banking as well as to organize and simplify your finances.

SavvyMoney Update:

  • New credit score option in your menu
    • You will have to accept a user agreement and answer some verification questions to start using
  • You can access SavvyMoney by the menu or the widget option (only available on a desktop), which takes you to the Savvy Money interface where you can:
    • View your current score, score analysis, and score trends (over the length of time you have been enrolled)
    • View information from your credit report including score, open trades, closed trades, balances, payment history, and more!
    • Access the ‘Score Simulator’ tool to see how adding a new credit line, paying a current loan down/off, etc. would impact your score
    • View other loan products that might benefit you
    • View alerts about your credit report such as score changes, credit usage changes, payment history updates, etc.
    • Use credit monitoring
    • Access FAQS
    • Make profile changes
    • Access blog posts with helpful tips and other resources

home screen widget

Financial Tools:

  • Upon login, you will be prompted to enroll
  • You will immediately see the Financial Tools at the top where you can:
    • Link external accounts from other financial institutions for viewing purposes
      • You can click to see transactions just like other shares/loans
      • You can “hide” in settings (three dots next to account) or account preferences in menu 
    • Categorize transactions (EX: gas, groceries, bills, etc.) – some transactions are automatically categorized while others are unknown
      • If for some reason a transaction categorizes incorrectly, you can change the category for those transactions

linked accounts

    • Debts
      • MFCU and other financial institution debts included
      • Add or remove any accounts you would like
      • May show up with a red ‘!’ at first, but you just need to add your monthly payment amount, and that will update to reflect correctly
      • Can change how you “view” by fastest payoff, highest interest, balance, and etc.
      • Access payoff options for faster debt payoff


    • Net Worth
      • Shows your income, savings, and debts
      • Gives your estimated net worth based on account balances/loans (assets/liabilities)
    • Cash Flow
      • You can add “events” (payments/deposits) that will happen in the future which predicts based on added information how much “cash” will be available
    • Trends
      • Shows the trend of spending/income over amount of time (you can choose how long)
      • You can add in/remove which accounts you would like to view


    • Budget
      • You can “create your own” or use the auto generated budget option
        • Even when you use auto generate, you can adjust all aspects of the goal
      • Shows green, yellow, or red categories to establish where you are at with your budget categories
    • Spending
      • Shows a circle graph that has each categories “spending”
      • You can view the categories and all transactions within the category
      • Update “transactions” that are not categorized correctly
      • Choose the time frame you are viewing this information



We can’t wait for you to start using these new tools and features! If you have any questions about these new updates or need help using them, we are here to help. You can contact us by calling 855.835.6328, stopping by a branch, or utilizing the Live Chat feature within Online and Mobile Banking.

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3/26/2021 12:00 PM Katie D. from Mount Pleasant, MI
Love the ONLINE upgrades BUT we still need the lead info to be the PAYEE not all the jargin. Quickbooks doesn't recognize these transactions and you still have to manually enter transactions that don't begin with NAME
Reply From Members First Credit Union:


We appreciate the information you provided and will pass this along to our eBranch Team so they can look into this further. If you have any additional feedback, please give us a call at 855.835.6328 or email mail@mfcu.net or stop into your local branch.

Thank you,

Members First Credit Union

Rewards Program
3/24/2021 7:28 AM Elaine C. from Farwell , MI
Where can I access information on the MFCU rewards program?
Reply From Members First Credit Union:


There is information about MFCU Rewards online at mfcu.net/visa, or to go directly to the MFCU Rewards site you can visit extraawards.com/MFCURewards. If you need anything else, please feel free to give us a call at 855.835.6328 or utilize the Live Chat feature within Online & Mobile Banking. 

Thank you,

Members First Credit Union

3/19/2021 2:17 PM Nancy G. from My. Pleasant , MI
I would like help with my online banking
Reply From Members First Credit Union:

Please give us a call at 855.835.6328, utilize Live Chat through Online Banking, or stop into any branch and we would be happy to verify your information and look into this for you. Thanks!

3/18/2021 2:41 PM Mary H. from Harrison, MI
Was told to come to the branch in Harrison after Mon to open new account and just came from there and they are not available they are doing in house training. Not very good consumer friendly.
Reply From Members First Credit Union:

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. Our business hours for each branch can be found at mfcu.net/locations or you can also apply for membership online at mfcu.net/member - thank you!

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