Puppy Day at the Wackerly Branch!

Authored By: Rachel Finney on 4/23/2019

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Puppy Day at the Wackerly Branch!


Recently, Live Oak Coffeehouse partnered with the Humane Society of Midland County to host a puppy day! We loved the idea and wanted our members to have the chance to take a mid-week break with some puppies as well!

Join us on Thursday, April 25th at the Wackerly Branch in Midland from 1:30pm - 2:30pm for playtime with the puppies! The Humane Society of Midland County will be on site to let you visit with the pups and will be accepting donations as well!

Needed items include:
- bleach
- liquid laundry detergent
- Dawn dish soap
- small spray bottles
- tall kitchen drawstring bags
- 55 gallon garbage bags
- hand sanitizer
- Odoban (cleaner for floors)
- rubber gloves
- Pine Sol
- any brand dry dog food
- canned dog food (any type)
- sturdy leashes (all sizes)
- martingale style collar
- bland dry cat foot
- any brand kitten food
- canned pate-style cat food
- clay clumping litter
- thermal laminating pouches (9in x 11.4in)
- reams of copy paper
- office supply store gift card
- two pocket folders
- staplers

Any questions?

HSOMC  -  989.835.1877
4371 E Ashman St. - Midland, MI 48640

MFCU  -  855.835.6328

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