Lottery Scams

Lottery Scams

Posted 6.15.21

We would all love to win a large cash prize; unfortunately, scammers can take advantage of that excitement. Scammers will often make contact claiming you have won a grand prize, but say to get the prize you need to pay a processing fee.

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CEO transition

Members First Credit Union CEO Eric Brubaker Announces His Retirement

Posted 6.9.21

Carrie Iafrate, Executive Vice President, has been appointed by the Board of Directors to replace Brubaker as the credit union’s new President and CEO.

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What is credit?

What is Credit?

Posted 6.2.21

Credit is a powerful financial tool that allows you to borrow money now to buy goods or services with the understanding that you’ll pay later.

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2021 Golf Outing

Register for our 23rd Annual Golf Outing!

Posted 5.28.21

The 23rd Annual Swinging for Scholarships Golf Outing will be on September 23, 2021!

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MFCU Welcomes Jenni Bush to Board of Directors and Andrew Koehlinger to Supervisory Committee

Posted 5.26.21

Members First Credit Union officially announced the addition of Jenni Bush to their Board of Directors and Andrew Koehlinger to their Supervisory Committee.

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boating in Michigan

7 Michigan Boating Excursions to Check Off Your Bucket List this Summer

Posted 5.25.21

When summertime in Michigan is in full swing and the waters start to warm, it’s almost impossible to resist the beautiful lakes of the mitten state. Here are 7 Michigan lakes and rivers to try and check off of your boating bucket list this summer:

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Person surfing the internet on their laptop

Online Loan Scams

Posted 5.20.21

When searching for a loan online you may see the common phrases above. Those all seem very appealing when in need of financial assistance, and that is exactly why the scammers market them.

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