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A note from our CEO, Carrie Iafrate


At Members First we value being trustworthy, caring and enthusiastic.  To build trust  and show we care, our team has been working hard to ensure that we are resourceful when serving you.

First, we committed to having 100% of our team complete the Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP). By the end of 2024, our entire M1 team will be Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors!  This initiative provides the knowledge they need to empower people in their journey of wellbeing.  By gaining skills and knowledge through FiCEP we will be even more equipped to help members in making sound financial decisions and have control of their financial futures.

Second, we are an AARP BankSafe organization!  More than 80% of our member engaging team are trained in identifying and preventing financial exploitation.  The BankSafe initiative focuses on identifying exploitation, empowering family caregivers, helping those with dementia, and making banking tools and environments easier to access.  With the average victim of exploitation losing $120,000, we can be that trusted, caring resource for you.

Finally, the enthusiasm our supporters have shown for our refreshed brand has been recognized!  We received four Diamond Awards from America’s Credit Unions for our refreshed logo, website, video, and Week of Joy event.  Thank you for your continuous encouragement.  We believe our refreshed brand showcases our name and the joy we find in purpose even more.  And we’re just getting started!

I encourage you to join us for our 88th Annual Meeting on April 16th.  Not for you?  Take a look at the new Impact Report that is a refresh on the previous Annual Report.  It is impressive!  You are part of a cooperative who believes we can Create Thriving Communities.


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