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Members First Celebrates ‘Week Of Joy’ With Random Acts of Kindness


Members First Credit Union employees spreading joy in our communitiesMembers First Credit Union (M1) initiated the inaugural ‘Week of Joy’ throughout the week of December 11 to spread joy to community members with random acts of kindness and surprise VISA gift cards.

M1 Team members went into their personally selected community areas armed with gift cards and smiles to brighten the day of unsuspecting community members. This groundbreaking initiative, which saw a total investment of $13,000, is more than a one-time event. Members First Credit Union has declared that the ‘Week of Joy’ will become an annual tradition, symbolizing a commitment to uplifting the spirits of the communities it serves.

"The 'Week of Joy' is more than just giving; it's about connecting at a human level and creating moments that truly matter in the lives of our neighbors,” shared CEO Carrie Iafrate. “I couldn't be prouder of our incredible team—260 of us, each with a passion for making a difference. Stepping into the community was genuinely heartwarming. Knowing that we've lightened the load for some during the challenging holiday season fills me with absolute joy—it's what community is all about.”

One particularly touching testimonial shared on social media captured the profound impact of M1's generosity: "This morning, I was stressing about how I was going to afford Christmas presents, as I'm not working right now. People from Members First Credit Union came into the laundry mat and said, 'We are doing random acts of kindness and want to give you this $50 gift card. '"

Members First Credit Union spreading joy in communitiesMembers First extends a heartfelt invitation to community organizations, businesses, and individuals to join in the movement to #SpreadtheJoy. Our aspiration is that this inaugural ‘Week of Joy’ transcends being merely a credit union holiday and evolves into a cherished community-wide celebration—a dedicated time to recognize and celebrate the unsung heroes who contribute to the vibrancy and warmth of our communities, making them feel like home.

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