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Debunking the Myths of Estate Planning


Have you heard these statements? They are all myths.

MYTH:   Wills don’t have to go to probate.
MYTH:   If I want to disinherit someone, I should give them $1.
MYTH:   If I put someone’s name on my property, I don’t need a will.
MYTH:   My oldest earns a lot; they won’t mind if I don’t leave them anything.

When it comes to estate planning, having accurate information and the right resources to guide you can be the difference between a theoretical plan and one that actually works for you and your family.

We helped form Credit Union Trust so that our members would be able to safeguard their assets and have their final wishes carried out successfully.

Conversations with the Credit Union Team are fascinating: as experienced trust administrators and former estate planning attorneys, they have seen firsthand what happens when a lack of knowledge or a misconception leads to bad decisions.

Now you can download a copy of the Myths & Misconceptions Guide, which addresses 10 myths and shares a few eye-opening true stories. Share it with your friends and family. Knowledge is power!

To download the guide: Go to credituniontrust.com/mythbuster.

Credit Union Trust

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