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A Note from our CEO, Carrie Iafrate


Bring on summer!  We’ve put the energy into powering through winter and deserve the beautiful summer that is upon us.  For those of us living in our home state of Michigan, we are rewarded with more time to be outdoors, connecting with family and friends.  Car windows get rolled down, the music gets turned up a little louder, and our spirits lift with the sun. 

I had the honor of connecting with thousands of leaders from around the world at the GALLUP® at Work Summit recently.  The theme: “Create Thriving Workplaces.” I was in my element!  I am very proud of our Employee Value Proposition at the credit union: We believe in purpose, belonging and joy; when our people find this in their work and the people they work with, amazing things happen. 

The presenting speaker at the GALLUP® at Work Summit said, “Imagine workplaces where people are doing what they are good at and loving what they are doing.  That’s when the magic happens.”  After multiple breakout sessions and networking events, the final speaker of the Summit charged us with “fixing the world’s broken workplace.”  Check! 

As a CliftonStrengths® organization each of us focus on understanding our own strengths, engagement, and wellbeing.  I encourage the team; live in your strengths, live in your values, you deserve joy. Helping our team members know their strengths, giving them the environment to live in them, and find joy in their purpose is how we are creating a thriving workplace.   

One of the most recent results of this is you voting us Best of the Best Online Banking Experience in the 2024 MemberXP surveying.  Thank you - we are honored! The annual competition centers on two universal metrics – Net Promoter Score® and Member Effort Score – meticulously identifying and verifying the top 25% of performers in each financial experience category, leading to the presentation of the Best of the Best awards. Members First proudly stands among this elite group, exemplifying excellence in member satisfaction and service delivery.   

Sounds like a workplace where people are doing what they are good at and loving what they are doing. Amazing things are happening at Members First Credit Union.  I’m glad you are part of our community. Enjoy summer! 

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