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M1 Moonjars: Save, Spend, share!


We’re excited to announce that our new M1 Moonjars have landed! At Members First, we believe that starting early is the key to a successful financial future, and our Moonjars are here to help teach valuable money management skills to the next generation.

What is a Moonjar?M1 Moonjar

A Moonjar is a fun and interactive tool designed to help kids learn about financial responsibility. Each Moonjar is divided into three compartments:

  • Save: Encouraging children to save for future goals teaches them the importance of setting aside money for unexpected expenses and long-term goals.
  • Spend: Helping kids understand budgeting and making smart choices. This compartment is all about learning to manage everyday expenses and prioritizing needs over wants.
  • Share: Fostering generosity and empathy by giving back. This section encourages children to think about others and the impact they can make through giving back or supporting charitable causes.

Special Offer for M1 Kids Club Members

Here's the best part! M1 Kids Club members, ages 1-9, will receive a special birthday postcard from M1 inviting them to visit a branch to pick up their own Moonjar. This is our way of celebrating your child’s special day and helping them start their journey towards financial literacy.

Join the M1 Kids Club

If your child isn’t already a member, now is the perfect time to join the M1 Kids Club. Membership includes access to a range of fun and educational resources designed to make learning about money enjoyable and engaging. Plus, they'll be part of a community that values smart financial habits from an early age.

Why Financial Literacy Matters

Teaching kids about money management from a young age sets them up for a lifetime of financial success. Understanding how to save, spend, and share can help them build a strong foundation for their future. At Members First, we’re committed to providing the tools and resources needed to support this essential learning.


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