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Spread joy. Your donation matched.

Members First is matching donations made to Affordable Housing Alliance of Midland, up to $20,000!*


Bringing Joy Home. Your donation matched.

We're matching donations made to the Affordable Housing Alliance of Midland, up to $20,000!*

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Did you know that 1 in 4 renters struggle to afford housing, often spending over 50% of their income on rent alone?2

As a result, families have to make difficult budget trade-offs regarding other essential needs such as food, clothing, transportation, and healthcare.

As an advocate for accessible and affordable housing, Members First realizes that housing is critical for communities to thrive. For this reason, we have teamed up with the Affordable Housing Alliance of Midland County to provide safe, affordable housing to those in need. Affordable Housing Alliance is a nonprofit organization offering rental units to low-income families at a below-market rate. By serving those residents who serve our community in essential roles, such as servers, teachers, and childcare workers, the organization contributes to Midland County's mission of inclusive, thriving communities. Learn more at ahamidland.org

Average rental rates are increasing while affordable rental units are decreasing. With the median rent for Midland County at $1,510 per month in 20231, your contribution to the Affordable Housing Alliance can help ensure families have greater financial stability and can focus on other vital needs like transportation, food, health care, and education. Join Members First in supporting affordable housing initiatives in Midland County.

Together, we build brighter futures.


$1,510 is the median monthly rent for Midland County in 2023


*Members First Credit Union will match donations dollar for dollar May 1-August 31, 2024. Members First Credit Union total donation not to exceed $20,000.

1Source: State of Michigan Housing Data Portal (mihousingdata.org).

2Source: Enterprise Community Partners tabulation of 2012 One-Year American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Sample (census.gov/acs/www/data_documentation/public_use_microdata_sample).

3Source: The Center for Housing Policy.


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