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Credit Union Advocacy

Learn about the credit union difference and how to be an advocate.

The credit union difference.

Members First Credit Union is proud to be a part of the credit union difference. Credit unions operate as not-for-profit cooperatives, allowing us to serve our members and communities without answering to shareholders. Instead, our members are our owners!

Our structure is not the only thing that makes credit unions unique.


Credit unions are governed by a volunteer, unpaid board of directors.


Credit unions are, by and large, locally owned and led.


Credit unions are member owned, in which every member has the opportunity to vote in elections for board of directors and other committee positions.


Credit unions live by a unified principle of “People Helping People”, which guides credit unions to put their members and community first.


Become an advocate.

Members First actively participates in advocacy work in order to maintain the credit union difference. Because credit unions do not hire lobbyists to represent us, our advocacy process is largely a grassroots effort amongst credit union employees, service organizations, and members.

Stay in the know and become a credit union advocate!

There are important legislative issues discussed every year that could impact credit union membership.

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