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Members First Celebrates National Emergency Services Week


Members First Credit Union, took the opportunity to honor and appreciate the unwavering efforts of dedicated first responders who tirelessly serve and protect our local communities in commemoration of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week. Members First team members joined forces to express their heartfelt appreciation and support.

EMS Week, observed nationally from May 21st through the 27th serves as a reminder of the extraordinary commitment displayed by EMS professionals on the front lines of emergency medical care. In the spirit of this significant week, Members First recognized the invaluable service provided by these remarkable individuals and resolved to change the common oversight faced by EMS workers.

As part of Members First Credit Union’s quarterly Community Difference Project (CDP) which aims to make a positive difference in the communities it serves, the team members wrote personal thank you notes and packed cooler bags with snacks and drinks to brighten the first responders’ day. The teams then personally hand delivered each basket to 25 first responder units throughout the state of Michigan.

“These individuals do so much for our community and often don’t get the appreciation they deserve, we are glad we could let them know they haven’t been forgotten,” said Holly Wilczynski, Culture Development Coordinator at Members First Credit Union.

Members First encourages other community organizations, businesses, and individuals to join in expressing gratitude and support for EMS workers not only during EMS Week but throughout the year. Together, let us recognize the significant contributions made by these dedicated first responders and ensure that their efforts are always appreciated.

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