ClickSWITCH Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClickSWITCH?

ClickSWITCH is an automated account switching solution that revolutionizes the way your account holders are able to set up direct deposit. It automates, streamlines, and simplifies the process of submitting new account information for direct deposits.

ClickSWITCH quickly, safely, and efficiently switches account holders' direct deposits from their old accounts to new ones. It’s a time-saving value-add for anyone wanting to switch their direct deposits to a new or different financial institution or account.

When can a switch be initiated?

Anytime. ClickSWITCH can be used anytime the user wants to change the financial institution or account that receives their direct deposits.

What items can ClickSWITCH migrate for members?

Account holders can switch their direct deposits to the bank or credit union of their choice using ClickSWITCH. When moving their direct deposit to a different financial institution, they can also initiate the closure of their previous bank or credit union.

What information is stored within ClickSWITCH?

ClickSWITCH only requests and stores the minimal amount of data required to complete a switch. This information consists of the same details you would see on a blank check. In addition to the user’s name, address, bank account, and routing number, their phone number and email address are also collected.

How long does the account switching process take?

For the account holder, submitting a switch can take as little as about 90 seconds. Once submitted, ClickSWITCH provides a status page where your employees can review the most current information regarding their switch. The length of time it takes for a switch to be fully processed depends on a variety of factors between the depositor and your financial institution, but it ranges from an instantaneous switch to a few short days.

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