Staying on top of your credit has never been easier.

Members have FREE access to SavvyMoney, a comprehensive credit reporting and monitoring program available in Online Banking and our Mobile App, that helps you stay on top of your credit and understand what your credit score means.

Check your credit score for free! Check your score monthly, weekly, or even daily without hurting your score.

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Benefits of checking your score regularly:

  • Better understand key factors that make up your score
  • Improve your credit score with helpful tips and recommendations
  • Evaluate various financial options using Credit Score Simulator
  • Be notified of any changes to your credit report

More than just a credit score.


Daily Credit Score

Daily Credit Score Updates

Review your credit report anytime and anywhere.

Credit Score increase or decrease

What Impacts your Score

Better understand factors that impact and make up your credit score.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring with Alerts

Be notified of any changes to your credit report.

Credit Report Error

Identify Credit Report Errors

Take action on any discrepancies you see in your credit report.*

Your credit score. Anytime. Anywhere.

Access your credit score and report using SavvyMoney, available in our Mobile App and Online Banking.

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Credit Score Frequently Asked Questions


*Disputes through Savvymoney are reported to Transunion. You may also need to contact Experian and Equifax directly to initiate a dispute with those credit bureaus. You can also contact the company that issued the account in question.