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How do I activate my account for Online Banking?
You can register yourself by going to and clicking the New User option by the Online Banking log in box or call a member service representative at 855.835.6328.

Who can activate an account?
The primary member of the account must be the one to activate it. A legal guardian and joint owner may activate an account for a minor.

Does Online Banking cost anything?
No! This is just another benefit of credit union membership.

What can I do with Online Banking?
Within Online Banking, you will have access to:

  • Bill Pay
  • eStatements
  • eAlerts
  • Ability to apply for a loan
  • Stop payment option
  • VISA Access
  • Share history, transfers, and loan payments
  • Loan payoff amounts
  • Member to member transfers
  • Add an external account

How much of my account history is available through Online Banking?
You will be able to access 13 months worth of history on your account.

Is my account information secure through Online Banking?
Yes. Online Banking provides secure financial services through a protocol known as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The SSL prevents other computers along the route from eavesdropping by encrypting all data transmitted between you and our site.

Our website and Online Banking products are also secured through separate VeriSign security certificates. Click wherever you see the VeriSign logo to gain information about our certificates.

I am Quicken user. What do I need to do?
Click on your computer type for step by step instructions:

What do I need on my computer to access Online Banking?
The following browsers have been tested and determined to provide a reliable user experience. Some of these browsers may show minor behavioral or cosmetic differences, but generally support the use of the Online Banking application and functionality. It is always recommended to use the latest browser version available from the provider.

Click here to see what browsers you can use.

I am having trouble registering my device. Any ideas?
Yes! Click on your browser type below for step-by-step instructions. Be sure to note our highlighted area of what URL you should be using to register your browser.

We recommend using the following operating systems for Online Banking and Bill pay:

Microsoft Operating Systems:
Internet Explorer 10.x, 11.x
Mozilla Firefox 24-27
Safari 6-7
Google Chrome 30-current version

Mac Operating Systems:
Mozilla Firefox 24-27
Safari 6-7
Google Chrome 30-current version

Mobile Banking

Android OS:
4.0-current version

iOS 7-current version

Mobile Connectivity:
4G LTE/Wi-Fi

Camera Resolution for Mobile Check Deposit
5-current version
Note: Devices that do not have a rear-facing camera do not support mobile remote device capture (Mobile Check Deposit) functionality. Users must be in the Members First Credit Union app to perform Mobile Check Deposit.

Who should I contact if I have problems?
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to Online Banking you can email Members First at mail@mfcu.netor call us at 855.835.MFCU. We're happy to help you.

Multi-Factor Authentication Security

At Members First Credit Union, we take our obligation to protect your financial information seriously. In order to meet FFIEC guidelines for stronger authentication, we have added an additional layer of security to Online Banking and Bill Pay. This security feature will combat identity theft by monitoring your account access for any uncharacteristic or unusual activity.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and why must I use it?
Multi-factor authentication is an authentication protocol that requires multiple methods of establishing identity such as 'something you know' and 'something you have' or 'something you are'.

Example: A common example is a bank card (credit card, debit card), the card itself is the physical item (something you have), and the personal identification number (PIN) is the data that goes with it (something you know).

We use characteristics of the computers you use to access Online Banking and your access habits as a form of ‘something you have’.

Financial institution regulations have mandated that we employ some form of MFA for Online Banking.

How does the MFA enrollment process work?
Description of the Enrollment Process:
As a new user to Online Banking, you will automatically begin the enrollment process the first time you access Online Banking. You will be prompted to enter a Username and access code. On this page there will be a link for those that have not already selected a unique username to do so. By clicking on this link you are beginning the Username Registration process. You will be asked to supply several pieces of information.

Step-by-Step of the Enrollment Process:

  • You will be asked to supply your Members First Credit Union account number. Generally, this will be the only time you will be asked for your MFCU account number by Online Banking.
  • You will be asked to supply your Online Banking access code, which, for first time users will be supplied by an MFCU Member Service Representative.
  • You will need to pick a unique username which you will use to access Online Banking in the future. Rules for selecting usernames are as follows: 
    • Must be between 8-20 characters in length
    • Must start with a letter (a-z)
    • No special characters – only letters and numbers (a-z & 0-9)
    • Usernames must be unique for each account number. If you enter a username that is already in use at the credit union you will be prompted to select another username until you select one that is not in use.
    • Usernames are not case sensitive.

Once you’ve entered the required information and clicked ‘Continue”, assuming you’ve met all the Username and Password rules, you can proceed on to Online Banking.  After you’ve successfully completed the Username Registration process the system will begin to profile your Online Banking usage. The amount of time required to complete your profile will vary depending on your Online Banking usage habits (generally several weeks).

Once the system has collected enough information to complete your profile you will be prompted to complete the “Challenge Question Collection” process the next time you access Online Banking. You will be asked to select and answer three different security questions which will be used to verify your identity as needed in the future. You must provide answers to all three security questions that you select. You may continue on to Online Banking up to two times without submitting answers, but on the third time you will not be able to continue until you answer the three security questions.

Once you complete the three security questions you are completely enrolled in Members First Credit Union’s enhanced authentication system.

Once you are completely enrolled you will only be asked to answer any of these security questions if your Online Banking access attempt appears to be unusual or uncharacteristic of your typical behavior.

Who is impacted by MFA?
All Members First Credit Union members that utilize our Online Banking service.

How much will it cost?
There is absolutely no cost to members associated with the security system.

Is my personal information safe?
Yes. In fact, your personal information is safer than ever before because we are making sure it is really you and not an unauthorized user trying to access your information.

Other than during enrollment, when will I be asked for more information?
You will only be prompted to enter additional information when access to your online account appears to be unusual or uncharacteristic of your typical behavior.

Example 1: If you try to access Online Banking from a computer and/or Internet Service Provider that you have never used before, you may be prompted to answer your previously selected security questions.

Example 2: You may, occasionally, be prompted to select NEW security questions and provide new answers to those questions

What additional information will I be asked?
If any unusual or uncharacteristic behavior is detected you will be asked to answer several of the security questions you chose previously.

What is unusual or uncharacteristic behavior?
Uncharacteristic or unusual behavior is anything that appears out-of-the-ordinary compared to where and when you normally would bank online. If the action being requested does not appear to be something you would normally do, we will ask you for more information to make sure it is really you and not an unauthorized user.

How are you able to detect unusual or uncharacteristic behavior?
The security system takes into account factors such as the computers you typically use to access your account or the typical security settings for your computer. Hundreds of factors, such as these, create a profile that is unique to you that allows us to make decisions about whether the person attempting to access your account appears to really be you.

Will I be asked for more information all the time now?
No, you will only be asked for more information when unusual or uncharacteristic behavior is detected. This will most likely be a very rare occurrence.

How closely do the challenge question responses have to match the original answers I supplied during collection of the challenge questions and answers?
We recognize that you might not always remember the exact spelling, spacing and letter case (upper and lower case letter usage) that you originally entered when answering the security questions. For that reason, our system does make attempts to anticipate common English language typographical errors and ignores spaces, separators and case sensitivity.

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