Our Volunteers

Volunteers are essential to the credit union movement and although credit unions today require full-time professional management, the importance of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers remains vital to credit unions as the true representatives of the member-owners of the institution. Our volunteers set credit union policy, provide expertise and talents, and are one of the reasons why we still have an independent and highly successful credit union system. Credit unions were founded on the principle of "people helping people" and our volunteers continue to put that philosophy into action.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are all volunteers and they hold the power and the responsibility for oversight of the operations and functions of the credit union. Our Board Members establish goals and objectives, appraise performance and results, report to our membership, develop a strategic plan, and much more. We appreciate their efforts and dedication to our credit union and our mission. 

Current Board of Directors

Bob Cooper, Chairman
Kevin Brott, Vice Chairman
Bob Lancaster, Treasurer
Clare (Tom) Taylor Jr., Director
Dave Thompson, Director
Doug Todd, Director
Gary P. Schenk, Director
Jennifer Bush, Director

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Supervisory Committee

The primary responsibility of the Supervisory Committee is to oversee activities of the Internal Auditor and report to the Board of Directors the results of his/her activities. In addition to other duties, the Supervisory Committee is responsible  for annual audits, verification of members' accounts, internal audit functions, and providing oversight for the Board of Directors.

Current Supervisory Committee

Joseph Kreusch, Chairperson
Greg Crawford, Secretary 
Grant Murschel
Andrew Koehlinger

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Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee can be reached at:
PO Box 2203
Midland MI 48641-2203

President and CEO

Eric Brubaker
855.835.6328 x1202
Fax: 989.835.5202

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