Spam Text Messages and Phishing

Authored By: Rose Samuel on 3/4/2021


Please be aware of a phishing scam involving a text message from a fraudster impersonating your financial institution. The message will request verification of recent activity on your account. Once a response is sent, an immediate phone call will follow from someone claiming to be from your financial institution’s fraud department wanting to close your debit card and expedite sending a new one. During this conversation, the fraudster will request your PIN for the card to proceed with the closure. By releasing your PIN, the fraudster will then make unauthorized withdrawals from your account at an ATM.

Red Flags

  • No financial institution identified in the message
  • A request for personal information via text message
  • Asking you to click on a link via text message
  • A phone call asking for your PIN

If you suspect a spam text message or phishing attempt, call your financial institution to confirm the validity of the message received and to review the activity on your account.

If you have released any information, including your PIN, and suspect fraud, contact your financial institution immediately to close your card.

Please be aware that Members First Credit Union will make contact with you if there is suspected fraudulent activity on your debit and/or credit card. Our fraud center will do this by SMS/text message, email or a phone call. If you receive a text or email requesting verification of a suspicious transaction, replying to the message will not trigger an immediate phone call to follow-up on the authentication.

Ways to contact Members First Credit Union


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