Showing Your Love… On a Budget



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re probably starting to think of how you are going to celebrate with your loved one this year. A date night? Flowers? Chocolate? Maybe a nice wine? These are all great options, but they can also cause financial strain. With over 50% of adults in America spending a total $21.8 billion on Valentine’s Day, according to the annual survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. February 14 can take a toll on your wallet. 

While there is nothing wrong with buying gifts for your significant other, holidays like this can bring a lot of financial pressure. But don’t worry, you can still show your love and affection without splurging on an expensive gift. In fact, some of the most special gifts can be inexpensive or even free. Here are some ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day that will keep your partner, and your wallet happy:

Make a Meal or Bake a Dessert 

Nothing says “I love you!” like your loved ones favorite food or dessert, especially coming from you. Making their favorite meal for dinner, or baking up a batch of their favorite sweet treat is a simple and affordable way to show you care. I think we can all agree food is the way to almost anyone’s heart.

Make a Scrapbook or Frame a Special Photo

You don’t have to be crafty to make your partner something special. If you’ve been together a while and have a collection of photos of special moments together, consider making a scrapbook. Grab a blank scrapbook from your local craft store and fill it with a collection of your favorite photos. If you don’t have enough for an entire book, pick your absolute favorite photo and frame it. This is an easy gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Make a Playlist or Mix-CD

Who says mixtapes are out of style? While music listening may look different these days, there is nothing quite like being given a playlist of love songs. If you have some songs that always remind you of the person you loved, put them all together! If you are making a playlist, give it a cute name and some personalized cover art. If you’re going all out and making a CD, write a cute message on it and put it in fun packaging. 

Write a Romantic List, Letter, or Poem

Love letters might seem like a Valentine’s Day cliche, but there really is something special about receiving a piece of romantic writing just for you. If you are feeling extra creative, write your partner a love poem! Whether it’s serious or even funny, who doesn’t love poems? If rhymes aren’t coming to mind, pour your heart into a love letter, or a list of everything you love about your significant other.

Have a Night-In

You don’t need a 5-star restaurant to have a romantic evening you will remember forever. Order a pizza, light some candles, build your best pillow fort, queue up your partners favorite movie, and have a Valentine’s Day date in. The most important thing is that you are spending time together, even if it’s just in your own living room. 

We would all love to treat the ones we love to luxury gifts and dinner, but sometimes it’s just not feasible. Sometimes, it truly is the thought that counts, and the effort you put into your gift can mean just as much as the gift itself. At the end of the day, saying “I love you” and showing someone that you care doesn’t have to cost a thing.


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