Relief is Here, Postpone Your Loan Payment!

Authored By: Rachel Finney on 7/1/2022

Update: This promotion has ended on July 31, 2022. If you are struggling to make payments for any of your loans, please give us a call at 855.835.6328 or stop into your local branch so we can try to find a solution for you!



Maybe you’ve felt it at the grocery store or noticed it when you are filling up your gas tank. Prices are climbing as inflation rises to its highest rate since 1982. As your trusted partner in providing financial security, we want to relieve some of that stress. We're offering you the option to delay your next Auto Loan, RV Loan, Personal Loan, or Whatever Loan payment for up to 90 days.* If you’re having trouble making payments for other loans, please reach out to us to see what we can do to help.

What does a loan payment deferral mean? During the 90-day time period, you will not need to make a loan payment. Each payment will be added to the end of your loan term. This allows you to use the funds during this time for extra groceries, child care, loss of income, or whatever unexpected circumstances pop up.

Stop in your local branch or give us a call at 855.835.6328 to learn more!


*Interest will accrue on the balance of the loan during the deferment period, and may cause an increased final payment. 90 Day Loan Deferment is only applicable to auto loans, personal loans, and Whatever Loans. Offer is available until July 31, 2022. Other restrictions may apply. Members First Credit Union reserves the right to decline any loan deferment requests.

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8/1/2022 1:48 AM Stacie S. from Midland , MI
Love you guys
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