Mortgage Postcard Scam

Authored By: Rose Samuel on 5/11/2021


The fraudsters are at it again, but with a postcard instead of an automated phone call! 

This little pink postcard with “IMPORTANT NOTICE: RESPONSE NEEDED”, asking for a call regarding an important matter, is a scam
Please be aware that the pictured postcard is not from Members First Credit Union. We take pride in keeping your information private and any mailings with your financial information are sent in a sealed envelope through first class mail.

How did they get your info?

If you recently purchased or refinanced a mortgage, many records become public information. Your property address, mortgage lender and mortgage number can now be accessed publicly. Fraudsters often use this information to catch your eye on a postcard to impersonate your financial institution. Please note that the mortgage ID is not the same as your account number with the Credit Union, but may be used in these types of mailings to give you a false sense that the mailing is legitimate.

The phone number listed on the postcard is a scam. Do not call the number! 

What if you already called? 

  • Call MFCU immediately so we can notate and monitor your account for suspicious activity.
    • 855.835.6328
  • If you provided the scammers with any personal identifying info, contact the credit bureaus to place a temporary credit freeze on your report. 
    • Experian    1-888-397-3742
    • Equifax        1-800-685-1111
    • TransUnion    1-888-909-8872

Not sure if a mailing you received is a scam?

  • Research the phone number provided online with the keyword “scam”.
    • Example: 855-765-3885 Scam Postcard 
  • Contact us directly, not at the phone number listed on the postcard.
  • Small print stating that the information is provided by H.W.C. or Home Warranty Corporation is a red flag that it is likely a scam


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