Job Scams

Authored By: Rose Samuel on 12/7/2020

Employment fraud is an attempt to defraud someone seeking employment by requesting personal identifying information and/or payment prior to accepting the job. The best way to determine if a job offer is legitimate is to do your research.

Job Scam Red Flags:

Unprofessional Email Correspondence
Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors

Immediate Job Offer
Being hired without an in-person interview, background check or drug test

Request for Personal and/or Financial Information
A request for deposit info for a bonus or advance prior to any work being performed
Online request for personal info to obtain insurance

Software or Equipment Purchase Requirements
Work-from-Home and Personal Shopping schemes often require you to make purchases
Any new job asking for you to spend money to perform the job

Too Good To Be True
Excessive wages
Being offered an interview without applying for the job
Job offering to wrap your vehicle to receive marketing income

To report a scam, please visit the Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant to submit a complaint for further investigation. We also ask that you let us at MFCU know so we can help monitor your account activity and alert you of something out of the norm.

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