It’s National Reading Month!

Authored By: Kristen Williamson on 3/30/2021


Each year, during the month of March, the United States celebrates National Reading Month. It is universally known that the ability to read is vital in order to connect with the rest of the world. Whether it’s reading a map, learning a new skill, or setting up online banking, literacy is at the focal point of almost everything we do.

As a book enthusiast, I can remember the very first time I fell in love with reading. My 5th grade teacher started reading “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” to us during snack time. I was immediately hooked. So hooked that I convinced my mom to take me to our local bookstore that same night to buy a copy so that I could read along. Reading aloud to children has the power to unlock an entirely new world of imaginative thinking.

Aside from building imagination and playtime, why is childhood literacy so important?

The beginning of teaching a child to read starts with expanding their vocabulary. According to the Literacy Project Foundation, books oftentimes contain words that children are unlikely to come across in spoken language. The Foundation asserts that, “books for kids actually contain 50% more words that children are unlikely to encounter frequently than regular conversation, TV or radio”.

Early adoption of literacy is not just about vocabulary, it is also about creating competencies in math and writing. The National Center for Education Statistics found that children who read frequently are also more likely to be able to count to 20 or higher, write their own names, and read on their own or pretend to read.

While we all realize the importance of teaching a child to read, we also realize how hard of a task that can be. If you are a caregiver of a young child, head over to Oxford Owl for tips and tricks on how to help your child begin their reading journey.

Over the past year, we have been home more than ever and our screen time has sky rocketed. Why not put that extra screen time to good use? There are many interactive apps designed to help kids become more proficient in reading (and many of them are free)! Here are a few to check out:

Endless Reader

Homer Learn & Grow



Here at Members First, we recognize the power of literacy. After all, our credit union got its start in a junior high school classroom, in order to serve school employees in Midland County.

Do you have a child aged 12 or under without a credit union account? Stop into a branch to begin their journey to financial wellness! Included in their membership, your child will receive a quarterly newsletter to expand their reading and financial competencies.

Stay tuned later in the month for book recommendations, for all ages, to continue our celebration of National Reading Month!


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