It Costs HOW Much to Get Married? How to Save for Your Big Day



You’re in love, you just got engaged, you are looking towards the future and feeling on top of the world and then… you start budgeting for your wedding. There’s the venue, catering, a DJ, a florist, dresses and tuxes, photographers, the list goes on. Adding up your expenses can feel overwhelming. In Michigan, the average wedding costs around $29,700. But before you decide to just give up on your dream wedding and elope in Vegas, we are here to give you a few tips on how to make your dream a reality. Here's a few tips, tricks, and ideas for how to save and pay for your big day: 

Be Realistic

The best thing you can do when starting to plan a wedding is be realistic about what you can afford and what you want. It can be easy to get carried away and start planning an over the top, lavish wedding, but you might regret that price tag later. You don’t want to start your marriage deep in debt. Talk with your partner and be honest about what you think you can afford and how much you are willing to spend on this event. Anticipate spending more than you think, and discuss what your absolute maximums are for your budget. 

Do Some Math, and Start Saving

A budget will be your best friend when it comes to planning and saving for your wedding. First, set a desired budget. How much would you like to spend? Start looking at venues and vendors you have in mind, and begin totaling up prices for everything. After that, figure out how long you have to save. If your budget is $30,000, and your wedding is in 16 months, divide 30,000 by 16. You would have to save about $1,875 a month to cover the full cost. If this seems like too much, try figuring out ways you can cut costs.

(If budgets aren’t your thing, we have plently of financial calculators to help you out)

In Season Vs. Off Season

Some things are great to buy during “off season” whereas certain things are better to buy “in season”. For instance, when it comes to choosing a date, you are going to save money booking with a venue during the off season. Try to find out the most popular season for the venue you are picking, and try to avoid that. This could also affect vendor prices. “Off days” such as a Sunday or weekday for your wedding can also save you a significant amount of money. When it comes to things like your food and floral arrangements, think in season. Think about what is in season and specifically in season in your area. You can save big with food and flowers that are grown right in your area during peak times!

Think Out of the Box

Museums, aquariums, parks, even libraries are cute and unique places where you can get married that can be more reasonably priced than a traditional venue. Are there any places in your city that have sentimental value to you and your partner? Consider having your wedding there! If you aren’t feeling your catering options, think about something like a food truck or a BBQ. Is cake not your thing? try having something like cookies, donuts, or even s’mores! Unique doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive. Choosing alternative or sentimental options can be cheaper, and more memorable.  

Get Thrifty 

It can be tempting to buy the shiny, new version of just about everything you’re shopping for, but sometimes buying older or used can save you big in the long run. Consider looking at department stores, or even thrift stores for your gown. You would be amazed what beautiful dresses you can get for a decent price. Also, consider looking at sample sales at bridal stores near you. And it’s not just the dress, take a look at everything you need to get for your wedding and figure out what you really need new, and what you can thrift or borrow. Sometimes the things found in a thrift store or borrowed from a friend can be the coolest and most unique pieces in your wedding. 

Consider a Life Happens Loan!

Sometimes big events like a wedding can be a curveball in your life and particularly to your finances. If budgeting and saving isn’t quite cutting it, we are here to help. We know there is so much to think about and plan for when it comes to a wedding. We’ve been helping members in the community for over 80 years deal with life events, and we are here for you. Apply for a Life Happens Loan by scheduling an appointment at your local branch or applying online right now!

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