Giving Back to Your Community this Holiday Season



Between gifts for your loved ones and those around you, planning holiday get-togethers, and gearing up for next year, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But this time of year isn’t just about giving gifts to those in your life, it’s about giving back to your community. Let’s look at some ways you can bring a little holiday cheer to those around you this year:

Run in a Charity Race

There’s a pretty good chance there is a charity race, marathon, or walk in your area this holiday season. Charity runs are a popular way to raise funds for good causes. Signing up for a local 5k is a great way to reach your fitness goals, and help benefit a good cause. Getting your family and friends involved is another great way to make an even bigger impact.


Not everyone is in the position to provide their family with the magical holiday experience that they deserve. There are plenty of organizations, like the United Way, that allow you to adopt-a-family for the holidays. When you participate in this program, you will help a local family in need by helping with some of the added holiday expenses like gifts and food. Life happens, and sometimes people need a little help. Consider adopting a family this year to help spread some of that holiday cheer. 

Donate your Time

If you don’t have a lot of extra funds to donate, there are plenty of organizations in your area that will gladly accept your time. Think about a cause that means a lot to you, and find a charity that aligns with your passions. Whether it’s the local animal shelter, a senior home, a shelter for people without homes, a domestic violence shelter, or a youth organization, taking the time to volunteer is a simple act that helps those in need and benefits the community you live in.


Here at Members First Credit Union, we love paying it forward to those around us. If you are in the giving spirit this season and feel like playing the role of Santa for a moment, think about spreading the love next time you're in the checkout line. Paying for the person behind you is a small act that can go a long way, and hopefully encourages others to do the same. From coffee and food, to even groceries or clothes, paying it forward will surely make someone days.

Reach Out

If you are wondering what charities and non-profit organizations are in need of most this time of year, just ask them. Many organizations will post a list of needs on their website or social media pages, and most would be happy to tell you over the phone or online. Check out a list of needed items and supplies and see how you can help them out. If it’s one item or the entire list, simple supplies can go a long way when it comes to helping others.

Say “Thank You”

Think about the people in your life that impact you on a regular basis, and I bet quite a few people come to mind. You’re probably thinking of a few friends and family members, but probably a few others as well. A coworker, a barista that always makes your coffee, your favorite mailperson, a neighbor who takes your trash out for you, your hairstylist or barber you always look forward to seeing, and so many more. Consider writing them a note thanking them for what they do, and telling them how much you appreciate them. It can feel like a nerve wracking thing to do, but you won’t regret it. Tell the people in your life how you feel, and make the rest of their year a special one.

Spend Your Money Where it Counts

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little gift shopping. Where you choose to spend your money matters, and can make a bigger impact than you might think. Shopping for gifts online can be quick and easy, but don’t forget about the businesses right in your own town. Buying gifts locally helps keep your money within your own community, and stimulates your local economy. This time of year can be essential for small business, so keep your money close this season by buying local. 

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Happy holidays!


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