Debit Card PIN Network Issue: What Happened and How Our Team Responded



We always tell our members that we understand when “Life Happens”, but were recently reminded of just how important it is to have a great team on your side to help navigate an unplanned situation properly. 

We recently experienced a timeout issue which impacted ATM and Debit Card PIN transactions. Thankfully, our awesome team was able to recognize the problem and resolve it quickly, and most issues were corrected within a few hours.

Essentially, some transactions were posted to accounts without cash being dispensed or the sale being completed with the merchant. Our experienced card services team worked quickly to identify and resolve the issue while simultaneously working to digitally and manually reverse associated transactions and fees from member accounts. We were able to correct about 9025 transactions within about 3 hours, and other trailing issues were completed within 24 hours. 

Bumps in the road can happen from time to time, and we are proud of our team for tackling this problem so swiftly, and always keeping our members top of mind. And we are thankful for you, our members who are patient and understanding when issues like this pop up. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused our members. 

If you are ever experiencing an issue or have any questions about anything regarding your banking, you can contact our 24/7 Phone Support at 855.835.6328, email us at, or utilize the live chat feature within Online & Mobile Banking


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