Celebrating Pam Ayers Retirement and 33 Years of Service!


Pam Ayers, Members First Vice President of Lending, has announced her retirement from the credit union after more than 33 years of service. Members First would like to thank Pam for her many years of dedicated commitment to our members and our teams.  

“Pam has made a lasting impact on all of us,” shared Carrie Iafrate, Members First President and CEO.  “She is woven into the fabric of Members First Credit Union. We build stronger relationships, look harder for solutions, and give members extra exceptional service because Pam has taught to.”

Pam joined the credit union in 1988. She was one of about 5 employees and everyone held the same title of “credit union employee”. As the credit union grew, Pam served as a loan officer and lending manager before becoming the Vice President of Lending.

During her tenor, she helped the credit union grow by creating solutions that spoke specifically to the needs of our members and communities.

Pam helped launch the credit union’s mortgage department, allowing us to serve members in another meaningful way. In addition to conventional mortgages, Pam also helped oversee the implementation of options for our member who were unable to qualify for traditional mortgages to pursue their dream of home ownership.

In 2008, Pam helped create our signature Whatever Loan to help our members during the recession and has been one of the loan’s greatest champions even since. “Once I started to hear all the ways our members were able to benefit from the loan; it gave me such a good feeling that we were part of helping make a difference for the member.”

Many of Pam’s career highlights are unsurprisingly also rooted in creating products and services that allowed the credit union to champion our members in their times of need and times of celebration. She is honored to have helped develop Members First home equity lines of credit, the indirect lending program, various mortgage products, and in-house gift cards. She also enjoyed her time serving on the International Credit Association Board and helping teach credit basic in area schools.

Most recently, Pam has helped our members navigate financial struggles brought on during the pandemic by working with our senior leadership team and board of directors to keep our interest rates low and offering debt consolidation and loan deferment options to help our members in these trying times. She was also crucial to the move to begin offering the Whatever Loan year-round for our members, earlier this year.

Iafrate added, “Her deep love for helping others is to be highly commended. The members will certainly miss her. We are the lucky ones to have had Pam and will work hard to honor her legacy.”

As Pam transitions to retired life, she is looking forward to living her life to the fullest – she plans to spend more time with her family, golfing, camping, and traveling. She is most excited to do things on her own schedule.

Her legacy will live on through the continued work and service our talented lending team under the direction of Reid Lundeen. We would like to publically thank Pam for her many years of service and celebrate her dedication to the credit union over the past 33 years.


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