A Note From Our CEO, Carrie Iafrate!

Authored By: Carrie Iafrate on 1/12/2023

Your Members First employee team describes ourselves as a community. We know that we are a group of individuals with unique skills, backgrounds, families, experiences, values, generational ages, beliefs, strengths, and interests, who all come together for a common purpose. That purpose is service. Being people helping people. And we LOVE it!

The energy in our employee community is vibrant and proud. We work hard on our personal development and team collaboration so that we can rise up together. A team member recently told me, “I am grateful to be part of this organization. I have many leaders and co-workers to thank for giving me the chance, trust, and encouragement to be successful.” Goodness! Isn’t that what we should all be getting from each other?

Desmond Tutu was known for saying, “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” At Members First, we believe everyone deserves to be cared for, given trust, and enthusiastic encouragement to help them be successful.

Our team is putting the hard work in and you, our membership, are responding! In previous notes I’ve asked for you to give us an opportunity to share our knowledge to help you, your family, friends, coworkers and local businesses. I’ve asked you to reach out to me and our team. You have! We’ve all grown together, through dynamic relationships, this past year.

And yet, we have an uncertain and possibly challenging year in front of us. We believe in not just cheering you up through these tough times. We believe in showing up. We offer knowledge, products, and services that will help you thrive. We offer an employee community who LOVES serving you. We offer impactful investment work in your communities. We offer our encouragement of a better tomorrow. We know we can help.

Our 2023 strategic initiatives speak to financial wellbeing for all, an enriched brand presence that is a vibrant showcase of our culture, elevated inclusive product and lending solutions, and ease of accessibility across all of our channels of delivery. As your President & CEO, I am here to serve and promise to show up every day as a confident, heartfelt leader who inspires. I LOVE leading our team to carry out our mission of Encouraging a Better Tomorrow and fulfilling that through core values of being trustworthy, caring and enthusiastic. In the spirit of the credit union cooperative, engage with us, and allow us to rise up together!

Cooperatively yours,

Carrie Iafrate

Carrie Iafrate

Above is a excerpt from the Members First Credit Union 2023 Winter Newsletter. To read the full newsletter, click here

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